Our article won a prize: We are honoured to have received the John Urry Prize of the Journal ‘Mobilities’ for our article ”The migration map trap. On the invasion arrows in the cartography of migration” The jury report: ”this excellent article has clear, compelling writing and images; smart, original analysis of the problems of migration cartography, wonderful analysis of a variety of maps, and very nice counter-mapping and mobile mapping examples. It is also an important intervention in policy debates around migration through unpacking the power of visual representations. It exemplifies the kinds of migration and border studies that are of interest to the Mobilities journal, building on John Urry’s interests in mapping, visual representation, and historical analysis along with critical mobility studies relevant to current political issues.”
Hopefully, the prize helps in raising awareness of the power of maps and the not innocent fallacies of the invasion-like cartography of migration.

Latest articles and interviews

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